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Self-employment + Relationship: Why having the Right Partner is Crucial to Financial Success

Self employment can be a tough road as it is. However, having an intimate relationship with a person is a crucial factor to whether you will succeed or continue to fail. (Notice how I say CONTINUE to fail; failing is ok, and you will fail regardless, but continuing to fail is something entirely different).

When you have a 8 to 5 job, your romantic partner has no say in it really. You are “forced” to cut off your time or engagement with this person for a specific amount of time.

When you’re self-employed, your time and efforts depend on only you, your self. Therefor, your romantic partner will eventually start building resentment to your productivity or work-time, because you’re actively choosing to dedicate your time on your business, instead of them.

This inevitably leads to conflict, over and over again.

There are only 2 ways to prevent this:

  1. Have the right romantic partner. A partner who entirely understands every aspect of success and entrepreneurship. One who will not try to derail you, one who will not take it personally when you choose to spend an entire night working. One who will not cheat on you at 2 AM when you’re working on your business. One who will not act out on their impulses. (Good luck finding this kind of partner however).
  2. Be alone and choose to have no romantic partner.
    This can be difficult at first, especially since we’ve been conditioned to find a partner for as long as we live. In fact, this is the absolute peak of most people’s lives: finding and being with their so-called perfect soulmate.
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Understanding Deadlines

Deadline. The line between life and death.

A deadline is technically a mental construct created by one’s self that activates one’s fight or flight response towards a task that must be completed.

One working towards a deadline will work as if one’s life or death is dependent on it, creating the energy and inner manipulation needed to achieve and puncture through any obstacle.

This is simply the power of one’s fight or flight response.

super hero running GIF by #MTNBrightSideGIFs

Going deeper, a deadline will inherit an if or else statement; a reward, or punishment.

Understand however, that a deadline is nothing more than a mental fabrication of one’s self.

The trick when understanding deadlines, and the feeling of inevitable death —can be applied to your self to make seemingly impossible things happen in shortened amounts of time.

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Why TikTok is a Problem

Where to start? Let’s start with a basic overview of TikTok, then I’ll show you the problem.

In short, TikTok is a “short video sharing platform”. It allows people to post a 3 to 60 second video under their TikTok account.

TikTok is growing rapidly, faster than any other platform and has over 500 million users at the time of writing this. Hell, probably 700 million by the time I finish writing.

Tiktok’s primary audience are teenagers. The average user is 16 years old. It mostly ranges from 12 to 19. Of course, you’ll find all other ages on there as well.

Quick history:

  • Created in China, launched in 2016
  • TikTok purchased their competitor app for $1 billion USD and merged in 2017.

TikTok divides content creation in 2 parts, video and audio. Audio from other user’s videos can be used to re-create your own video clip.

Call it inspiration, call it setting the tone, call it hiding under someone else’s voice because you hate your own voice.

Basically TikTok allows anyone to be a clown. 🤡
Universal Pictures Digital Team GIF

Clowning truly has never been easier. If a teenager is having a psychotic breakdown, it probably ends up on TikTok.

Depending on the volume and the bounce of one’s chest, a person can end up with 100,000 followers over a week, easily.

TikTok is primarily sex and envy driven.

We can even go one level deeper and say;

TikTok is entirely lust, greed and envy driven.

A lot of social media is –but TikTok takes it simply to a whole new level. Bigger, faster, harder, and more covert.

Humping GIF

One of the first problems is that TikTok is barely, if at all, managed and controlled. Sure –obvious nudity may be taken down by their teams, but the creative brains of modern teens have found unlimited ways around the explicit nudity.

YouTube has very strict policies in place to prevent some of this, as it should. But TikTok does not. TikTok doesn’t give a damn at the moment, which explains some of the momentum in their exponential growth.

TikTok is chaos, and acts as a psychotic circus in the cloud.

Survival of most psychotic, the loudest –the craziest. Survival of the most narcissistic, and so on.. you get the point.

Covert aggression has found its way deep into the roots of many TikTok users.

All the so-called content or text you find on videos, are usually nothing more than passive aggressive tweets, decorated with entertainment or charm in motion.

If the video motion happens to be PG, then the musical layer of the TikTok will be sure to have some form of moaning or lyric about oral sex and busting nuts.

Psychotic Kids GIF by YUNGBLUD

Don’t worry, between all the bouncing titties and quick instant-gratification life-hacks you will find some positive healthy things for your mind and spirit –but the covert prostitution and toxic life hacks will most certainly outweigh this.

TikTok is a downward spiral of toxicity that will seriously affect the psychology of teens today, and future adults.

Malicious ideas, tricks and hints can act like serious viruses to the human mind –and if the young adult has not developed the skillset or mental firewall yet to combat this, it creates trouble in their psyche and development –to say the very least.

One can only hope TikTok will balance themselves –rather than remaining the supervillain it has become.

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The Importance of Sunscreen

Oh my, what a random, misunderstood subject.

Our fucking sun, our skin, and sunscreen.

It’s pretty simple, yet so misunderstood.

Capable of providing our earth with the warmth and light it needs. Life, thrive, you know –all that good stuff. Thank God for the sun (literally).

However, just because something feels nice and warm, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

In this case, the skin feels nice and warm on your skin. Ahh, so nice. But, it’s destroying your skin. Yes, destroying. Don’t fuck with it.

sun GIF by Feist

Let me make this clear and simplified: the lighter your skin is, the more our sun will fuck your skin up and speed up your skin’s aging process.

If you’re light skinned, cool, be fucking light skinned, don’t go ‘sun bathe’ to temporarily darken your skin tone and destroy your skin in the process.

Animated GIF

Stop that shit.

It’s one of many “bad habits” that society developed over evolution that is simply bad. I repeat, it is bad, really bad for you.

If you make this a common thing, your age will appear 10 years more than it’s actual value.

This is proven science, and proven facts.

Please, for your own fucking sake, stop sunbathing.

In the case you do happen to be in the sun for any extended period of time (even 15 minutes): Wear sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen.

I repeat —Wear sunscreen.

Seriously, wear that shit. High SPF, 50+ –hell, make it 100 SPF. The higher the better. Protect your skin, because you only get one.

sunscreen GIF
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What makes someone a narcissistic psychopath?

As humans, we all have a certain level of narcissism in us.

Narcissism is a spectrum, a spectrum we’re all simply part of.

So what makes someone an actual full blown narcissist, sociopath and psychopath? (They’re all 3 very close to each other with only minor differences).

Let’s take a look at the primary components of the narcissistic psychopath;

  • Lack of empathy. Depending on their level, empathy is non-existent. If you’re able to get a glimpse of it, it’s sadly part of their mask, or act. They simply don’t give a fuck about you.
  • They’re never wrong, ever.
  • Unapologetic. They’re never sorry. If in a rare case they say sorry, it’s often followed with a “but” –which eliminates the entire value of the apology.
  • Zero impulse control. They live entirely off of impulses. Whatever they feel in the moment is what they need or want right this fucking moment.
  • Extremely negative at their core. While we all go through phases of negativity, their perspective usually appears to be very negative and dark. They have the capability to take something positive, and twist it into a negative.
  • They stonewall when an issue arises. They’ll start filing their nails. They’ll roll their eyes and walk away. They’ll do anything and everything else except for being present in the moment and attempt to resolve a complication.
  • They’re entitled. “I’m a fucking princess (or prince), and everyone else can go fuck themselves, including you if you don’t give me what I want”.
Channel 9 Mafs GIF by Married At First Sight Australia
  • Incapable of putting forward true, consistent effort. This links back to being entitled. They expect to be served on demand. If in the rare case they put effort, they expect to be praised and repaid 20 times the amount.
  • Every interaction is an actual sale, or exchange to them. It’s almost as if they keep a real-time exchange log that’s sitting in some Terminator style lens in front of their eye. If they do something for you, you must repay the deed.
  • They must be in control at all times. Their brain operates on a different level when it comes to this. They must at all times feel like they’re in control of the situation or conversation. They’re hyper, and I mean hyper sensitive to this.
  • They’re the victim. It’s not their fault, ever. Therefore, they are always “the victim”.

Upon analyzing these behaviors and traits, you might be seeing a pattern here;

They lack an entire cluster of basic human emotions.

tired over it GIF

Now before you worry about being one yourself. Realize this, as humans we’re all capable of lacking all of these emotions and traits.

The difference however is that these, creatures –are stuck on these spectrums and are unable to control it.

It’s almost as if a key component of their brain is permanently shut down, which we’ll talk further about in a future post.

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What the narcissist and psychopath will do after the breakup

Narcissists flock to dating apps like Tinder, because it’s easier and because it’s in bulk. If they left the dating scene during your relationship, they’ll be back on it in a hurry.

They need their validation and supply.

You see, they’ll get dozens, if not hundreds of matches to pick and choose from without any real effort. Because they hate putting effort. They’re entitled and expect things to be handed to them

Remember, narcissists are unable to connect with anyone on a deeper level.

They can not be alone, they cannot be with themselves for any extended periods of time. There needs to be constant external stimulation for the narcissist because their inner core is damaged beyond belief. Damaged to the point where they cannot be alone with themselves, they need external objects to fulfill their infinitely deep void.

This means that when your relationship ends with a narcissist, wether they do or don’t have a new source of supply, they will flock to dating apps such as Tinder to get their validation in bigger quantities.

penguin running GIF

Why bigger bulk quantities? Because they cannot focus on a person. And even if they do decide to spend their time with 1 person, they need backups in case that person falls off their wagon.

Their focus on a single person is non-existent, and because they’re unable to reciprocate true human emotions and efforts.

So what happens exactly now that the narcissist has gone back on Tinder?

Well, let’s look at the female narcissist in this case.

The female narcissist will get a bulk amount of matches, basically every dude on there. There are more men than women on Tinder, and as long as you pass a certain visual criteria and posses a vagina, the male will be very likely to swipe on you.

Every match, will come with its own form of entertainment. Some will use a pickup line they’ve been using on every other woman they approach, some will use a plain “Hello there”. Then, some will get straight to the point and ask if she wants to fuck.

The point is, she will get loads of bulk inquiries. Then, she will sift through the bulk inquiries and pick which clown she finds will suit her needs most at that moment in time.

happy bugs bunny GIF by Looney Tunes

Once selected, she will drop a “hello”, or a “how are you”. Nothing deep of course, just a poke, to wake the clown up and make him do his fucking job; entertaining her. 

Once the clown is in her orbit, along with many other clowns, she will test the waters and see which clown is most likely to serve her demands and chase her. Because being chased, will give the narcissist some sense of being alive in this world, and gives her a sense of power.

entertain popcorn GIF by Ovation TV
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Understanding Narcissism and Psychopathy

I am, and have been, a student of this very deep psychological topic for quite a while now.

Sadly, once you find yourself studying narcissism, you will eventually catch yourself going down a rabbit hole.

Not just a rabbit hole, an infinitely deep rabbit hole.

lights mirror GIF

You see, narcissism and psychopathy are part of a paradox. I will share as much insight as possible of this topic, as it’s taken on a great part of my life.

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Hello world ??

Ahhh, yes, my first post.

How sweet.

How fresh.

It’s like giving birth. The start of something. The start of my manifestation.

form control GIF

The start of my song.

A song, that I hope, will echo into your brain, sink into your core, and develop into something beautiful, for you, and for others.

If you’re reading this, I thank you for your time and attention.

Let’s go.

Not Ready Baroness Von Sketch GIF