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Self-employment + Relationship: Why having the Right Partner is Crucial to Financial Success

Self employment can be a tough road as it is. However, having an intimate relationship with a person is a crucial factor to whether you will succeed or continue to fail. (Notice how I say CONTINUE to fail; failing is ok, and you will fail regardless, but continuing to fail is something entirely different).

When you have a 8 to 5 job, your romantic partner has no say in it really. You are “forced” to cut off your time or engagement with this person for a specific amount of time.

When you’re self-employed, your time and efforts depend on only you, your self. Therefor, your romantic partner will eventually start building resentment to your productivity or work-time, because you’re actively choosing to dedicate your time on your business, instead of them.

This inevitably leads to conflict, over and over again.

There are only 2 ways to prevent this:

  1. Have the right romantic partner. A partner who entirely understands every aspect of success and entrepreneurship. One who will not try to derail you, one who will not take it personally when you choose to spend an entire night working. One who will not cheat on you at 2 AM when you’re working on your business. One who will not act out on their impulses. (Good luck finding this kind of partner however).
  2. Be alone and choose to have no romantic partner.
    This can be difficult at first, especially since we’ve been conditioned to find a partner for as long as we live. In fact, this is the absolute peak of most people’s lives: finding and being with their so-called perfect soulmate.
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