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The Importance of Sunscreen

Oh my, what a random, misunderstood subject.

Our fucking sun, our skin, and sunscreen.

It’s pretty simple, yet so misunderstood.

Capable of providing our earth with the warmth and light it needs. Life, thrive, you know –all that good stuff. Thank God for the sun (literally).

However, just because something feels nice and warm, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

In this case, the skin feels nice and warm on your skin. Ahh, so nice. But, it’s destroying your skin. Yes, destroying. Don’t fuck with it.

sun GIF by Feist

Let me make this clear and simplified: the lighter your skin is, the more our sun will fuck your skin up and speed up your skin’s aging process.

If you’re light skinned, cool, be fucking light skinned, don’t go ‘sun bathe’ to temporarily darken your skin tone and destroy your skin in the process.

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Stop that shit.

It’s one of many “bad habits” that society developed over evolution that is simply bad. I repeat, it is bad, really bad for you.

If you make this a common thing, your age will appear 10 years more than it’s actual value.

This is proven science, and proven facts.

Please, for your own fucking sake, stop sunbathing.

In the case you do happen to be in the sun for any extended period of time (even 15 minutes): Wear sunscreen.

Wear sunscreen.

I repeat —Wear sunscreen.

Seriously, wear that shit. High SPF, 50+ –hell, make it 100 SPF. The higher the better. Protect your skin, because you only get one.

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