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What the narcissist and psychopath will do after the breakup

Narcissists flock to dating apps like Tinder, because it’s easier and because it’s in bulk. If they left the dating scene during your relationship, they’ll be back on it in a hurry.

They need their validation and supply.

You see, they’ll get dozens, if not hundreds of matches to pick and choose from without any real effort. Because they hate putting effort. They’re entitled and expect things to be handed to them

Remember, narcissists are unable to connect with anyone on a deeper level.

They can not be alone, they cannot be with themselves for any extended periods of time. There needs to be constant external stimulation for the narcissist because their inner core is damaged beyond belief. Damaged to the point where they cannot be alone with themselves, they need external objects to fulfill their infinitely deep void.

This means that when your relationship ends with a narcissist, wether they do or don’t have a new source of supply, they will flock to dating apps such as Tinder to get their validation in bigger quantities.

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Why bigger bulk quantities? Because they cannot focus on a person. And even if they do decide to spend their time with 1 person, they need backups in case that person falls off their wagon.

Their focus on a single person is non-existent, and because they’re unable to reciprocate true human emotions and efforts.

So what happens exactly now that the narcissist has gone back on Tinder?

Well, let’s look at the female narcissist in this case.

The female narcissist will get a bulk amount of matches, basically every dude on there. There are more men than women on Tinder, and as long as you pass a certain visual criteria and posses a vagina, the male will be very likely to swipe on you.

Every match, will come with its own form of entertainment. Some will use a pickup line they’ve been using on every other woman they approach, some will use a plain “Hello there”. Then, some will get straight to the point and ask if she wants to fuck.

The point is, she will get loads of bulk inquiries. Then, she will sift through the bulk inquiries and pick which clown she finds will suit her needs most at that moment in time.

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Once selected, she will drop a “hello”, or a “how are you”. Nothing deep of course, just a poke, to wake the clown up and make him do his fucking job; entertaining her. 

Once the clown is in her orbit, along with many other clowns, she will test the waters and see which clown is most likely to serve her demands and chase her. Because being chased, will give the narcissist some sense of being alive in this world, and gives her a sense of power.

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