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Why TikTok is a Problem

Where to start? Let’s start with a basic overview of TikTok, then I’ll show you the problem.

In short, TikTok is a “short video sharing platform”. It allows people to post a 3 to 60 second video under their TikTok account.

TikTok is growing rapidly, faster than any other platform and has over 500 million users at the time of writing this. Hell, probably 700 million by the time I finish writing.

Tiktok’s primary audience are teenagers. The average user is 16 years old. It mostly ranges from 12 to 19. Of course, you’ll find all other ages on there as well.

Quick history:

  • Created in China, launched in 2016
  • TikTok purchased their competitor app for $1 billion USD and merged in 2017.

TikTok divides content creation in 2 parts, video and audio. Audio from other user’s videos can be used to re-create your own video clip.

Call it inspiration, call it setting the tone, call it hiding under someone else’s voice because you hate your own voice.

Basically TikTok allows anyone to be a clown. 🤡
Universal Pictures Digital Team GIF

Clowning truly has never been easier. If a teenager is having a psychotic breakdown, it probably ends up on TikTok.

Depending on the volume and the bounce of one’s chest, a person can end up with 100,000 followers over a week, easily.

TikTok is primarily sex and envy driven.

We can even go one level deeper and say;

TikTok is entirely lust, greed and envy driven.

A lot of social media is –but TikTok takes it simply to a whole new level. Bigger, faster, harder, and more covert.

Humping GIF

One of the first problems is that TikTok is barely, if at all, managed and controlled. Sure –obvious nudity may be taken down by their teams, but the creative brains of modern teens have found unlimited ways around the explicit nudity.

YouTube has very strict policies in place to prevent some of this, as it should. But TikTok does not. TikTok doesn’t give a damn at the moment, which explains some of the momentum in their exponential growth.

TikTok is chaos, and acts as a psychotic circus in the cloud.

Survival of most psychotic, the loudest –the craziest. Survival of the most narcissistic, and so on.. you get the point.

Covert aggression has found its way deep into the roots of many TikTok users.

All the so-called content or text you find on videos, are usually nothing more than passive aggressive tweets, decorated with entertainment or charm in motion.

If the video motion happens to be PG, then the musical layer of the TikTok will be sure to have some form of moaning or lyric about oral sex and busting nuts.

Psychotic Kids GIF by YUNGBLUD

Don’t worry, between all the bouncing titties and quick instant-gratification life-hacks you will find some positive healthy things for your mind and spirit –but the covert prostitution and toxic life hacks will most certainly outweigh this.

TikTok is a downward spiral of toxicity that will seriously affect the psychology of teens today, and future adults.

Malicious ideas, tricks and hints can act like serious viruses to the human mind –and if the young adult has not developed the skillset or mental firewall yet to combat this, it creates trouble in their psyche and development –to say the very least.

One can only hope TikTok will balance themselves –rather than remaining the supervillain it has become.

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